Sale-leaseback opportunities in the domestic oil field service sector.

The domestic oil and natural gas production industry is booming––driven by the discovery and development of unconventional shale plays across the United States. The increase in domestic energy production has created tremendous opportunity for oilfield services including the essential service of saltwater disposal.  Injection Partners provides innovative real estate solutions to this unique asset class with a focus on acquiring Saltwater Disposal (SWD) facilities in some of the most active shale plays in Texas, including the Eagle Ford Shale.

Learn more about our real estate sale-leaseback strategy that purchases existing saltwater disposal facilities with existing cash flow in rapidly expanding markets that have opportunity for significant revenue growth.

Saltwater Injection Wells

Saltwater Disposal Wells (also known as saltwater injection wells) are one of the most rapidly expanding “essential services” of the oil field service industry due to the discovery and production of hydrocarbons in shale plays. These shale plays require massive amounts of water to complete the “fracking” process on the wells. This saltwater must be disposed of at a permitted SWD facility.  Learn more...


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